Starting on March 2 2017 we are offering a free site visit to evaluate the possible improvements to your home. Please contact our office to make an appointment. 

Our team, a West Vancouver based firm, has been serving the Lower Mainland for 14 years. We specialize in custom home construction, additions, renovations, project management, as well as light commercial buildings. 

Do you wish you had more time? Are there projects lingering in the back of your mind? Established in 1983 we have worked with over 150 clients to bring their dreams to life.

Let us make your dream a reality.
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We’ll be hosting a Home Design seminar. Learn about the latest trends in home design how we can help build your dream home.
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We specialize in residential homes with designs that reflect our clients’ personality and lifestyle. Let us help you create your dream home.

SI Alliance Development Inc. is a provider of residential and light commercial construction project management. We also provide extended services in planning, budgeting, and design of construction projects. From initial spark of ideas in your home, business, and investment properties, we are your professional partners to develop your objectives. Whether you select us to do your construction or assist you in selecting contractors, you can retain our services to professionally decipher through your choices. In today’s age of sophisticated optimization, we are your complete construction project management solution.

Project Examples

  • Thorough evaluation of the efficiency of your home, and the utilization of all Federal and Provincial government incentives and tax credits to maximize the return on your improvement investments.
  • We will propose, design, and implement new technologies to increase efficiency of your home operations by installing appropriate systems to save in the running cost of your property. These ideas will reduce your cost, will pay for themselves, and will make your home greener.
  • We will propose, design, and implement new technologies for your home entertainment, comfort and security systems, utilizing combinations of wireless, wired, and Bluetooth technology.
  • We will propose, design ideas to expand your home within the building envelop and renovate to increase the value of your property.

Financing or financing assistance to optimize your project execution and costs are available.

Your one stop home improvement and maintenance solution


You will probably want to customize all your ideas when you discover how easy it can be when you consult with our experts. To start evaluating and familiarizing you with our services, please review the following description:
For our preferred customers:

We are extending a free evaluation of your possible design, renovations, and construction projects. We offer the following services:

  • Site visit and preliminary evaluation of possible projects
  • Analyzing existing conditions
  • Age, infrastructure analyses, plumbing, electrical, etc
  • Areas of concern, structure, roof, siding, leaks, etc
  • Values in your area and potential improvement benefits
  • Design services, whole house, kitchen, and bath design
  • Planning, drawings, and specifications
  • Colour and finishing selections
  • Proposal, budget estimate, and contract
  • We will submit a project proposal
  • Estimate budget and prepare contract
  • Permits, construction, and project management services
  • We obtain all permits for any municipal requirements. In case there are unpermitted work form the past; we will bring your home to full compliance. Please note that unpermitted work may cause insurance coverage conflicts.
  • Quality controlled construction and surgical renovations
  • After your direct individual review and approval, our team of professional and renowned subcontractors will mobilize at a fair price
  • A complete project management and technical construction of the project
  • Please consider that every time you invite a contractor or receive any service in your home or any property that you own, you open yourself to liabilities. SI ALLIANCE DEVELOPMENT INC will protect you against any liability during the construction, installation, and any site visits by our personnel. We act as the firewall to protect you and your investment from any liabilities
  • We provide guarantees and post construction services on all our completed projects.

Our 33 years of construction experience in North America comes with an array of references and testimonials. We look forward to serving you.